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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  June 30, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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new immigration plan. >> under the laws of the united states. should only enter the country legally. >> ice says the goal is to disrupt and dismantle human smuggling networks. immigration advocates are worried. hospital shooting. one person is dead and several injured after it is controlled bash disgruntled former worker opens fire. have a suspect managed to blend in. may day, may day.>> freeway landing. a small plane crash landing. the call before the plant -- before the plane went down. the trump administration pushes ahead with the agenda with the policy to crack down on parents who pay to smuggle their children into the u.s. this surge initiative is the latest get-tough approach. >> welcome to 4 on 2.
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>> officials with immigration and customs enforcement say this is an effort to break up smuggling operations. it is creating fear in some communities. >> reporter: good afternoon. we are and san francisco city hall. this is where the immigration debate has been up and from -- up and center. immigrant families working with advocates as they tried to come up with an emergency plan. they face anxiety and uncertainty. as the trump administration rosado nude travel ban, there is new concern for immigrant families where the white house planning to arrest parents and relatives who they suspect the smuggle the children into the u.s. ssm advocates nervous.>> you only needed 10. policies like this instead of
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improving the situation locally, they are hurting it. especially when it comes to policing. a lot of families don't want to call the police. >> reporter: she works with the full novel communities. she obtained her citizenship last year. while her path was easier, she understands the choice some families make and would like to see compassion. >> i think families find themselves in desperate need to come to the country not because it is easy for them. a lot of them have faced a lot of violence back home. truck the trump policy that changed which allowed refugees fleeing violence and central american countries to seek sanctuary through sponsors in the u.s. former chairman of the republican party says immigration enforcement as needed. >> during the obama administration, we head uncontrolled immigration which is dangerous -- dangerous. the trump administration is
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enforcing existing laws and seeking additional laws like kate's law. i think that is a good idea. >> reporter: up with a plan b enforced? >> it is a difficult balance. illegal immigration has dropped under the trump administration just based on the notion that laws would be enforced. he should continue on that path.>> reporter: any of the community organizations we spoke with current advising the families hide on the ground. they are saying they should fight these hard-hitting policies. joining us is the legal a director of the legal services for children. catherine, tell us what is the endgame to deport parents that might be here illegally or shut down this human smuggling operations altogether? a little of both? >> i think the idea is by doing
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this it will deter people from coming from central america. the reality is these children are fleeing violence. [indiscernible - audio cutting out] >> catherine, sadly, i know you have great information, but we don't have a great hook up. perhaps we could get that fixed. that was catherine on the surge initiative. a new policy that is going to lay down hard rules for people trying to smuggle in children. this new policy that frank was talking about comes after the house of representatives improved to immigration bills the president has been lobbying for including kate's law. tomorrow is the second anniversary of the shooting death of kate the bill was
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named for. the 32-year-old was killed in san francisco on july 1 on july 1, 2015. investigators say her killer an illegal immigrant with seven felony convictions with and deported five times but returned to the u.s. the second bill is called the no sanctuary for criminals act. this would black grants from the justice department and homeland security to any sanctuary city such as san francisco. refused to cooperate with agents. both bills head to the senate where they face a much tougher challenge. struck a man from el salvador who was in the u.s. illegally has reached a on hundred $90,000 settlement with the city of san francisco over violations of its sanctuary city lot. pedro figueroa-zarceno sued the city in january. he went to police in 2015 after authorities told him his stolen car had been found.
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he said he was detained. he was jailed for two months and has been fighting efforts to have him deported and. supervisor still has to approve the settlement. developing news in new york were a shooting inside a hospital has left a tech are dead and six others injured. a former doctor went into the bronx lebanon hospital this afternoon bring a lab coat armed with an assault rifle. investigators have identified the gunman as henry bello who worked at the hospital. police say he shot and killed another doctor and a serious injured five people. a sixth victim was shot in the leg. they say he shot and killed himself. a short time ago the mayor addressed what happened today. >> police say bello was allowed to resign two years ago after being accused of sexual- harassment. investigators also say the fire alarm system at the hospital had been set up
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because he had tried to set himself on fire. it's not clear whether those injured were doctors or patients at the hospital. two people are injured after a small plane crashed on a busy freeway. a question on 9:15 this morning, 405 freeway near the john wayne airport. faa said the pilot told her traffic control he lost one of those engines shortly after takeoff and was trying to make it back. it crashed just short of the runway. fire officials say the two people on board the plane suffered traumatic injuries. their new details of a investigation involving sex and drugs at the oakland police department. henry lee joins us from the newsroom with what he is learning about this scandal.>> reporter: an investigation is underway about allegations and officer had six with a civilian. a month later, a stash of drugs
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was found nearby. these unrelated cases come as the department is still reeling from other scandals. and oakland, -- and oakland police officers accused of having sex with a woman in the administration building. the woman came forward and made me when chad a disagreement with the officer only joint opd in sunday 14. >> it's a woman scorned concept that appears to be here. officers should know when they act in moral they are giving their career to someone else to control. >> reporter: that's not all. at the same part of the basement was being cleaned, a large stash of drugs including cocaine was found in a locked cabinet. the drugs may have been there for more than a decade and by former canine officer who is now a lieutenant. police say the drugs were in their original sealed packaging with the contents accounted for.
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the drugs could have been used for a training exercise. some aren't so sure. >> the drugs being where they were, that is troubling. they were loose. when you have loose evidence, that means you have potential for abuse. >> reporter: civil rights attorney helped secure a settlement over alleged oakland police brutality. the department is under federal oversight. >> a think it is target to -- the individuals in the police department and the city who are most responsible for this and this delay's and hold them in contempt. truck a federal judge has ordered them to appear in court in two weeks to discuss why the department fell short in investigating the unrelated sex exploitation worker. this new sexual misconduct case until matters. >> it was disheartening to hear another sex case that had developed. it is immoral for officers were supposed to uphold the law and
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took advantage of a situation and is the grounds of the department to further their own sectional activity. >> reporter: and kirkpatrick sent a message to employees saying anyone who engages in misconduct will be held at accountable. i also want to be clear about the expectations. we are in the business of regulating other people's conduct. expect this to regulate our own conduct on and off duty. chief kirkpatrick is inheriting a lot of baggage. she will be asked a lot of questions at the court hearing set for july 10. >> back to the timing. do we know specifically when the incident happened in the basement you mentioned? there are a lot of questions about where the drugs came from and how long they had been there. anything you can do to pinpoint the timing? >> reporter: both happened in the basement. we know the incident was reported in -- at the end of may
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. at the end of june, someone cleaning an office in that basement found those drugs. unrelated but seeing part of the basement. >> happening within the last couple of months. thank you so much. still ahead. president trump wrapping up a contentious week by firing more tweets and at the media. don't let your choice become your crime. that does the message today from law enforcement as they increase efforts to get you to drive sober during the july 4 holiday. weather started out great this morning. sunshine this afternoon. holiday weekend just about here. we will talk about the fourth of july forecast. that's coming up.
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a lot of people planning a weekend of fun. today comes a serious method from chp. officers will be out in force trying to prevent dui crashes with their operation firecracker. dui checkpoint across the state. >> joining us from highway patrol, good to have you with us. sounds like you will have a busy weekend. you have a lot said that. tell us about operation firecracker. >> it ain't maximum enforcement period. 6 pm tonight we will at extra officers on patrol. they will look for impaired drivers.
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we know holiday weekend tend to be dangerous on the roadway.>> it's a four day holiday weekend because you have tuesday. that makes it longer. >> this is a super-holiday weekend. with extra officers. checkpoints throughout the state. they are looking for impaired drivers but those speeding. last year during the same july 4 maximum enforcement period we had 35 people died. that is unacceptable. >> let's talk about the check points. you have to say where they are but not until one?>> just a few hours before the check point we put out the locations. we don't want people planning around the checkpoints. we want them to be a surprise they are looking for people under the influence. >> every driver that goes through on whatever road to where it, do you stop them? >> we stop every driver. we talked to them. week get them paperwork. if there's a huge backup traffic.
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we won't have people sitting up for dui check point. if it's a couple minutes, that is an acceptable week.>> moderation is good. an hour or so ago you pulled someone over? >> i stopped somebody for not wearing their seatbelts. it was a passenger who wasn't wearing a seatbelt. when i asked him why he wasn't wearing a seatbelt? he said they just picked up food. >> digit ticket him? >> k got a verbal warning. he had no prayers. i think it was a little scared. >> when the lights go on, it does like what did i do? go back to the 35 deaths last year. 65% of those that died weren't wearing seatbelts. >> i don't know why people don't understand why it's dangerous -- why it's not dangerous to her the seatbelt.
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the car dings and it rings and it tries to remind you. i don't know how people can survive driving but those noises. we see rollover collisions. after a ball over, if you were a seatbelt, most can walk away. maybe they have scratches. if you aren't wearing a seatbelt, a rollover collision will end in major injury. seatbelt truly do save lives. it is a big ticket. >> how much is that ticket? >> a little under $200. >> i hope you have a quiet weekend.>> -- alameda county sheriff's have seized more than 3000 pounds of illegal fireworks as we head into the holiday. the sheriff's office tweeted around 11:00 this morning that they found the fireworks at a commercial building in san leandro. they weighed in at 3200 pounds. all fireworks are illegal in alameda county.
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let's turn them over to meteorologist. i know you are keeping an eye on the fireworks were cast. we have the weekend. the weekend is just about here. it looks like a nice one. no major heat. fog coast side and around the bay for the morning hours. temperatures through on tuesday, this is for saturday through tuesday, not a big change in temperatures. 60s in the coast. 70s inland. maybe touching 90 degrees. that could be on sunday. minor temperature swings. , satellite, we have fog hanging out there portions of the coastline. has become in closer, we have the clearing skies from the north to the south. cloud texture here. is called gravity wave -- it is called gravity wave. we're seeing interesting cloud features. more sunshine and cloud free
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spies. currently, we have concord at 82. oakland, 67. santa rosa, 84. san francisco, 62. haze over san francisco. first thing tomorrow morning temperatures will be in the 50s fog near the coast. san francisco, 54. in the afternoon hours, more sunshine. the 60s in san francisco with a breeze. some of the vote tomorrow morning. when you put this into motion, partly to mostly sunny skies. temperatures in the 60s coast side. inland, low to mid-eighties. we will talk more about the fourth of july forecast coming up. giants are halfway through the 2017 season. despite lofty expectations, the results and very good.
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realistically, it is time to start thinking about next year. their gm bobby evans, big decisions are on the horizon. now trading deadline is july 31. fans can expect some veteran players possibly to be delta wait to other teams in exchange for younger prospects that might be able to help them down the road. >> we went to finish strong sickos into 18 to the right lancet. we have an off-season where we can do more things. the coming trade deadline is important. it's an important aspect of our look to the future. >> giants begin a six-game road trip. they are in pittsburgh. we will hear from some of the players on how they are handling the season so far. >> too late to turn things around?>> when they had to 20
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in a row, we will talk. parking meter rates on the rise. after the break, we will break it down for you as more neighborhoods could see that demand-based pricing.
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another san francisco neighborhood has learned they will get new parking rates that go up at peak time. it's happened in the richmond,
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although the timing of the new rates is something we will discuss further with paul rose. is with the sf npa. demand-based pricing is already in other neighborhoods. has a proven to be effective? >> at about 25% of the meters across the city, where we have been, we have seen a decrease in parking search time. reduction in hourly parking rates. it has benefited the places where we have this structure already. >> i live in the city, nothing irritates me more than the fact when i can't find a parking spot. i am hoping for a good parking, that day. how does this help and how much i will be paying during peak times and how much i could be paying when demand is not quite so high? >> we understand that parking can be challenging. this is meant to help.
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the idea is great uncrowded blocks and at the crowded times will go up while bridget best -- bus -- while rates it less crowded times will go down. every quarter, you will see the rates adjusted by no more than $.25 an hour. where people are parking the most, rates will go up $.25 an hour. 80% occupancy, no change will occur. less than 60% rates will go down by $.25. >> we mention that clement street and richmond, when my businesses see the rate changes?>> because we have seen some benefits to this structure and portions of the city, want to roll it out to the entire city. we will start to roll it out as early as the ball for winter. >> other neighborhoods?
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that you are considering?>> any areas across the city in commercial areas that have these parking meters. that is where we see most of the benefit that helps reduce circling and looking for parking. it helps people find parking close enough to the store of choice.>> paul rose. bank use for taking the time -- thank you for taking the time to talk with us. starting tomorrow, minimum wage will go up to $14 an hour. voters approved the increase as a way to help some of the low- wage workers. the mayor got it to her from a local manufacturer. none of his employees make minimum wage, that the new law will give six of his workers a small increase in their hourly rate. >> you need to make sure you are compensating somebody enough so they have a standard
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of living so they wanted to come to work. a lot of reasons why people change jobs is because they can't make enough money where they are.>> along with increasing the minimum wage, the mayor says it is important to build affordable housing in the city. minimum wage goes up to $15 an hour this time next year. still ahead. shutting down planned parenthood's. the centers closing across the bay area. president trump wraps up a contentious week by posting more tweets and it the media. i am in washington with more.
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president trump mixing up his day firing more tweets aimed at the media before rolling out the red carpet for a world leader. lorin blanchard joins us in a windy capital right now. >> reporter: the twitter war escalating between president trump and some of his cable news critics. while there bipartisan pleas for the president to stop. president trump welcoming south korea's new president to the white house to discuss trade and what he calls the menace known as north korea. >> era of strategic patience with the north korean regime has failed.>> reporter:
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avoiding questions from the press that would have likely focused on his scathing tweets about the hosts of morning joe. the commander in chief called the show fake news. the anchors of morning joe questioning the president mental state. >> he appears to have a fragile impetuous, childlike eco-we have seen over and over again. >> reporter: while republicans pleading the president not to take the bait. speck i went to put a sticker on his computer that says if it feels good, don't do it. the best way to fight back is to pass legislation.>> reporter: president trump saying if republican senators can't work it out, they should repeal obamacare and replace it later. others agree a plan b might be needed. >> we have been trying to do those things at once and not making progress.
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>> reporter: has further fourth of july as president is expected to be more low-key. the obama's would celebrate with a concert. the president is expected to spend the day at the white house after his weekend trip playing golf. >> i guess congress is enjoying the holiday as well but when they come back is it all hands on deck in terms of hitting the healthcare bill through the center -- senate? >> reporter: they need to focus on health care. that's not all. there was a group of senators that sent a letter to the senate majority leader asking mitch mcconnell to cancel the august recess because they said there are only 33 potential more workdays. they still need to deal with the debt ceiling funding the government tax reform, health care, all those things. >> they have a lot of work to do. hold onto your hat. it's pretty windy. senate republican scrambling to revise the healthcare bill to meet the
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self-imposed deadline. it's a deadline they seem unlikely to meet. senators heading out of town for the weeklong fourth of july holiday break. right now the gop doesn't have enough votes within their own party to pass the bill. conservative and moderate republicans remain divided on many issues such as subsidies, medicaid spending, and the 3.8% investment income tax on both the americans that helps pay for the program. senators and the white house are continue to said -- discuss the path forward to bring relief from obamacare. it is collapsing. we have made good progress and we will keep working.>> five 5a dollars has been added to the measured to address the issue of opioid addiction across the country to attract the support of moderate. some republicans remain noncommittal. >> we have differences of opinion work i would call them arguments.
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we have had an honest debate about different approaches. my focus has been on ensuring no income ohioans continue to receive care. spent president trump added a new wrinkle to the negotiations saying if lawmakers can't reach a deal, they should repeal obamacare and work on a replacement later. planned parenthood is closing three of its locations. the centers closing in return, pittsburgh, and vacaville. hunting clinics continue to operate. planned parenthood said it needs to consolidate because it's reimbursement rate from medicaid is among the lowest in the nation. clinics offer a wide range of services that include women and men's health care as well as abortions and family planning. the youth counselor said the closing will have a big impact on young people. >> when you feel you have somewhere to go and feel safe, it's priceless. >> the senate health care bill could also be a major challenge
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for planned parenthood and its present form it would strip of federal funding for a year. eight took a few days longer last night the oakland city council approved a new two-year budget. the council plan to vote monday night, new budget. protesters disrupted that hearing. demonstrators handcuffed themselves to the gate that separated the audience, council members. last night and was noisy with people against the budget. at the end, the council approved a budget plan. the budget runs from 2017 to 2019. the new fiscal year starts tomorrow and the budget includes more money for homeless services, the police department, and money to fight illegal dumping. the city of san francisco is rolling out a new program in an effort to keep cigarette butts out of the streets and out of the ocean. a pilot program putting but holders in the sunset and
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richmond districts. the city partnered with the surfrider program that kicked it up by collecting cigarette that's from ocean beach. they are the most littered item in the city and they often wind up washdown drained pipes. >> we are still seeing litter everywhere. it takes a renewed effort and more creativity to figure out what do we need to do? speck the pilot program will run for six months and if it helps curb people from littering their cigarette butts, more bins will be installed around the city. we are getting breaking news coming into the newsroom. life pictures from sky fax of a crash. deadly crash happening in fremont. police telling us osgood road is closed in both directions as investigators look into this deadly crash. police releasing a lot of details on how this happened.
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and how many vehicles were involved. as you can see, not much left of at least these two fee calls. we are told this is a deadly crash. police advising everyone to avoid osgood road especially in that area. you need to use alternate route. the closure will last several hours as they investigate this deadly crash there in fremont on osgood road between blake l road and south ct. life pictures from fox -- sky fax. you can follow us on social media, twitter, and face book for updates. a sea creature has been showing up in west coach -- west coast beaches. lots of sunshine today across most areas. how you're weekend is shaping up. we will talk about the potential for fog as we head
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toward fourth of july.
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we will get to the weather in a little bit. is strange see creature has been showing up on beaches. people are calling them sea pickles. their slimy, bumpy and that been showing up on monterey beaches and crowding fishing
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nets. scientists say they are attracted to the warm waters along the west coast. it is too soon to tell if they will stick around permanently. joining me is a doctor from the fisheries lab in santa cruz. can you give us a better idea of what these are and why they are showing up so much especially right now? >> what looks like a single organism as a colonial organism made up of several individuals. sort of like a coral head looks like a single organism but it is made up of individual polyps. a sea pickles is actually colonial organism. why they are showing up in such great numbers, we aren't sure. the warm waters could be contributing to their high abundance. historically, we have had warm
4:42 pm
years in the past, and those warm years did not lead to these large numbers of sea pickles. >> so far there have been reports of alaska, oregon, monterey bay, could this expand the population and include more coastline of the bay area as well? >> in over recent survey, he did see them from san diego all the way up through oregon. predominantly in the offshore waters. their numbers, they were still evident even in some of our nearshore trawls. >> as far as the problems, it's mostly for the fishing boats and people -- getting caught up in the nuts. of a dangerous to humans? >> they are not dangerous at all to people. the or not toxic -- they are not toxic or poisonous.
4:43 pm
they are a problem for fishermen trying to use trawl nets are trolling gear. especially i know off oregon that their numbers are quite thick in the water. >> thank you so much for the information. if you visit the beach this weekend, you might be asking yourself what is that? you might have a better idea based on the information you gave us. as far as our weather patterns, it is cool out there. inland more sunshine. here we go with the fog bank hanging in there portions of the california coastline especially toward southern california. patchy fog hanging out near half moon bay numbers are in the 60s if you 80s out there toward concord and fairfield. santa rosa, 84. it's windy out there as well. oakland westerly it 16. san jose, 16.
4:44 pm
sfo, gusting to 31 miles per hour. lake tahoe forecast. this weekend a popular destination. mostly sunny. temperatures saturday and sunday close to lower 80s. we can expand this to include monday and tuesday as we head toward the fourth. temperatures not changing too much. keep in mind you can ski and snowboard this weekend with squaw valley. this picture was taken today. tomorrow through tuesday, parts of the mountain have not the entire mountain, open for skiing. you can ski in the morning and go for a swim in the lake in the afternoon. high pressure in charge of our pattern. gnome major changes tomorrow. 60s to upper 80s. into sunday, we will bump up the numbers a little. minor cooling trend for monday
4:45 pm
into tuesday. by tuesday, could be talking about fog there portions of the shoreline. fourth of july forecast, morning fog turned back to cut the coast. 80s around -- the coast 60s. not a major warm up. " a factor for the fireworks. too early to get a precise forecast. there is a chance we could talk about some fog pushing into the bay tuesday evening. tomorrow, the clouds clear back. had 60s for the beaches. inland back up into the mid-to upper 80s for your saturday afternoon. here's a look at the highs for tomorrow. concord, 83. san francisco, 60. san jose, 70s. half moon bay, 61. 5-day forecast and big weekend coming up. sunday is the warmest day. not talking about major heat. will cool off the numbers by
4:46 pm
monday. fourth of july, fog in the morning. looking good for the next few days. maybe a little dicey on tuesday night. i have seen the fog called backing up to get to show in. >> that tahoe thing is crazy. >> we will do research. >> road trip. health officials in the south bay say the warm weather can bring tragedy simply from leaving the windows open. in the past two weeks, doctors say that treated four toddlers who have fallen from second or third story windows. three of the children were treated and released. one suffered serious injuries. some parents think a window screen provides protection. that isn't true. >> screens are there, but they won't keep a kid in the house. the child will fall out of the
4:47 pm
window as they are remaining on the screen. that's the most often scenario. >> the hospital says children under five are the most likely to fall. they recommend installing window stops and guards. don't put furniture near windows because that allows children to climb up.>> a fire hydrant hit sending water into the air. it happened around a: 30 at the intersection of florida. is no word on what led up to the accident. a lot of water was set free today. members of a bay area jim get a letter warning they may have been exposed to tuberculosis. the actions that some might need to take.
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a gym is letting members know they may have been exposed to tuberculosis. it's notifying people who may have belonged to the 24 hour fitness on sonoma boulevard in the layout. the person who contracted the disease was a member of the -- gym. all members who are in the gym at the same time as that person are notified. >> we sent everybody emails yesterday. they just said there had been someone that was here that had tuberculosis and the health department advised the 24 hour to email everybody and they did. spec health officials said the disease can only be contracted through the prolonged close
4:51 pm
contact with an infected person and it is safe to visit the gym . let's talk more about tuberculosis. dr. larry, explain more about what tuberculosis is. >> it's between a bacteria and fungus. that spreads by respiratory droplets. it's not is contagious as a cold. you have to be close contact. the thing of homeless authors -- homeless shelters. somebody passing through here, if they coughed and you, probably not at that high of a risk. mac at eight gym? >> it's close frequent contact. it's a slow growing bacteria thing. it's not as -- by roughing. that's why public health officials want everybody to get tested. >> let's say i am a member of the gym what should i do?
4:52 pm
a i don't know what they have to offer. go to your doctor for the public health that they have and get tested to see if you have what is called dormant tuberculosis. if you get exposed, some people the body fights it off. some fight it off not 100% and it can lay dormant for weeks, months, years until it activates into pulmonary tuberculosis which is what this guy had when he was there working out. that is what's contagious. >> in this case, we understand the person affected had an in there since may. does that mean it is lingering? are the risks with going to the gym now? >> it won't live on the treadmill. how long was a symptomatic fox was in april and may? did you go to the gym at that time? to do workout next to him?
4:53 pm
those of the people that would be a higher risk.>> how do we prevent it? >> if you are exposed, go to your doctor and get the test. there is a skin test. if it's positive, you get treated for six months. in terms of prevention, this is a public health issue. in this country, public health being a -- being aggressive for tb, tracking down people like this giving them the option to be treated, and this guy will be quarantined. he will be allowed to walk out and go to the gym. he needs to be treated until his negative for tb with these tests. that's why in this country we don't worry about tv a lot. i think we are 12 million active cases worldwide mainly in developing countries. their poor public health is why it is rampant. here being aggressive, we don't have to worry about tv.>> it
4:54 pm
was a pleasure to have you here. >> stay with us. we will be right back.
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the search for amelia erhart continues today. here's more on that search. >> amelia erhart is easily the most famous female pilot who disappeared july 2 who disappeared july 2, 1937. >> the coast guard alerted the u.s. navy in honolulu, hawaii. the u.s. navy began what turned out to be the largest sea and air search for a missing aircraft and history. they search for over two weeks. >> she was all ready well-known when she went missing during an attempt to fly around the world. >> in a 10 year period she skyrocketed. she was the equivalent of a rock star in her day. the last flight she made was a 1937. of course, she did not complete that flight. >> reporter: she almost
4:58 pm
completed the trip but the plane went down in her remains were never found despite numerous searches in the pacific>> they use battleships and air carriers and they over flew the island while they saw some people have probably lived there, they did not see any evidence of immediate or recent activities. and certainly no evidence of anyone on the island. there are many other theories out there for >> reporter: it is believes she may have landed on an uninhabited island. >> some having her go to other islands to be spying in the 1937 time era. some have her landing on an island and being captured by the japanese and executed. there is another theory for years that she was living as a housewife in new jersey. >> reporter: to this day, research vessels, forensic dogs are still on her trail. >> i would almost be sorry if
4:59 pm
they did find her. it is that mystique that keeps her legend going. and that legend is an inspiration, even today. >> reporter: fox news. ktvu fox2 news starts now a new concern for immigrants as a trump administration announces another component of their crackdown. immigration officials are planning to go after parents and relatives who brought children into this country illegally. rob malcolm is in san francisco with more on this. >> reporter: we are here at city hall. this building here is where the immigration debate has been front and center. this latest plan coming out of the white house to an advocates working with an emergency plan as they face anxiety and
5:00 pm
uncertainty. >> as the trump administration rose out a new travel ban, there is new concern for immigrant families with the white house planning to arrest parents and relatives with a suspect have smuggled their children into the u.s. with a suspect have smuggled their children into the u.s. does have some emigrate advocates nervous. >> i think policies like this instead of improving the situation locally, they are hurting it. especially when it comes to policing. a lot of families don't want to call the police for >> reporter: they work with vulnerable communities. she obtained her citizenship last year. she understands the choice that some families make and would like to seek compassion>> a lot of families find themselves in desperate needs to come to the spam -- to come to this country. not because it is easy for them. a lot of them have faced violence back home>> reporter: the trump policy the change


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